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Founder HIPCHIK, entrepreneur Andrea Rosenberg successfully fulfills her brand image – she is hip, fashion-forward & dedicated to business. October 2011 launched the onset of her company, resulting from a sense of frustration; “No designer made the jewelry I wanted, so I decided to make my own jewelry in accordance to my style.”

HIPCHIK is the perfect everyday beaded jewelry, drawing inspiration from designer Alexander McQueen and Chrome Hearts. However, what really gives Andrea the most inspiration is seeing jewelry progress from start to finish. Putting together these unique pieces takes a lot of talent & skill – from the designing to the beading to the selling. Her Uruquay roots are the foundation for her cultural creativity.

Andrea, hockey mother of 2 (Charlie & Jesse), loves spending time with her family, laughing, & her brand HIPCHIK. With a degree in Merchandising & Design, launching her own jewelry company seemed inevitable.

Andrea confesses, “I love each and every piece I make, I wish I could keep them all for myself!”